Essential Background Information

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Do you view a virtual assistant (VA) as a secretary to give projects to that are too boring and unimportant to merit your own attention? You need to remember that a VA is a business owner themselves and therefore not your average secretary or administration assistant. This is one of the major advantages of using the services of a VA as opposed to employing a secretary. They will understand the problems and the stress you face in running your business because they will have experienced similar themselves in their own business and they also help other business owners just like you. A good VA will therefore have amassed a wealth of experience in helping small business owners to overcome similar challenges to the ones that you will face within your own business. You should therefore treat your VA more like a business partner than an employee.

So how do you best make the most of the working relationship with your VA and harness their skills and experience to the benefit of your business? If they don’t have the full picture, then they won’t be as effective as they could be. Since they will be the ones actually dealing with some of the day to day activities on your behalf, they will see areas that could be improved on. It is amazing what someone with a fresh perspective can see, but you have to let them see it. They need to have a fairly decent understanding of your overall business goals as well as the specific tasks that you will have them completing or overseeing; an insight into not only your products and services but also your business culture, your values, and how you like to conduct your business.

Remember, your VA has a vested interest in helping your business grow. It’s up to you to help them to help you by showing them the big picture.