How to work effectively with your VA


If you utilize a VA within your business properly you can accomplish more within the same amount of time. This increased productivity will then help you to develop your business as you will have more time to spend on the areas that matter.  Before you commit to working with a VA spend a bit of time thinking about the following key areas:

  • Effective communication – Give a clear brief of what you expect and make sure that your VA is given all of the information that they will need to fulfill that brief – be as specific as possible.
  • The art of delegation – A major hurdle for many people.  It will limit your business growth if you try to become a jack of all trades.  Look at the tasks involved in the day to day running of your business and ask yourself – which ones to you ‘have’ to do, and which could easily be done by someone else?
  • Be realistic in your expectations – Using deadlines helps to establish the time frame for a project however, although your VA may be able to accommodate the odd urgent request, you should make sure that this doesn’t become the norm.  Allow enough time for the task to be completed efficiently and remember your VA needs to be able to plan their working week.
  • Essential background information – Let your VA have some background on your Company, especially what your Company goals are and the issues that you face.  They cannot help you effectively if they do not know how you conduct your business.